Spring Half Marathon Training

This Spring, Fleet Feet Sports will be hosting a training crew focusing on the Silverado Half Marathon or La Jolla Half Marathon (Both scheduled for April 23rd).  Our coaches will take you through 12 weeks of tempo runs, interval training, cross training, long runs, nutrition and recovery.  Also included will be fun social events like a kick off party hosted by Asics.  

Who is leading your team:

  • Ashley French - Head Coach
  • Dan Schade - Assistant Coach
  • Brett Lamb - Assistant Coach & Fleet Feet Sports Owner
  • Mecque Tucker -- Assistant Coach
  • Adam Smith -- Assistant Coach

Details about the training:

  • Program kick-off: Saturday, February 4th at 7:30am.  The first workout will be a 3.1-mile goal-setting run.  After this run, each runner will work with Coach Ashley to plan their training strategy to achieve their race-day goals.  Your running pace and effort level during the first run will be the basis for calculating the span of your training.
  • Two Weekly Workouts:
    • Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. - Interval Training & Tempo Runs (Meet at Fleet Feet Sports-Marina)
    • Saturdays at 7:45 a.m. - Long Runs (Meet at Fleet Feet Sports-Marina)
  • Weekly personal correspondence with Coach Ashley about your past week of training, and preparation for the up-coming workouts.  You will be able to tailor your training, week-by-week, for the best results.
  • Each runner will receive a calendar with training or rest recommendations for each day, even when the group does not meet.
  • The training crew will have a limited number of spaces available to ensure a high coach-to-runner ratio.
  • Fitness Level Prerequisite:
    • To ensure effective coaching, this program is recommended for runners and run/walkers who are able to keep a pace of 12 minutes per mile or faster for a minimum of 5 miles. 
  • Training Team Guidelines
    • Out of respect for our coaches and team members, testing our program without officially registering is not allowed.
    • Team members must check in and out with our coaches at each workout.
  • Race Info

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