The Ethembeni School - Run Love™ Beneficiary

Run Love™ Events Beneficiary: The Ethembeni School

 Brett & Kim at the Ethembeni

The Ethembeni School is a boarding school for primarily Zulu children living with  Cerebral Palsy, visual impairment, and other physical disabilities in rural South Africa. The school is home to 274 students between the ages of four and 18, and is their residence as well as their school. The community where the school is located is just north of Durban in an area where unemployment is consistently over 25%, poverty is a way of life, and many modern amenities are inaccessible to the residents.  Since purchasing Fleet Feet Sports in 2006, we have been committed to supporting this school as it holds a special place in our hearts.  Along with Fleet Feet Inc., other Fleet Feet Sports franchises, and one of our vendors: Balega Sports we have been able to provide the financial support needed to purchase a handicap-accessible bus and build a therapy park/playground on the grounds of the school.  

In 2011 public funding for the Ethembeni School was reduced and the student enrollment was forced to drop from 300 to 274 students.  The annual cost for one student to attend and live at the school is approximately $1,500.00.  Going into 2012 and into the future we will use the funds we collectively raise to provide scholarships to the remaining students so that the school can return to full capacity.  

As part of our efforts have always included our annual Sunset Runs each summer, we are now going to use other events such as the Divis Up or Shut Up Challenge and Gut Check to promote the school and raise additional funds. 

-Brett Lamb & Kim Holt (Owners, Fleet Feet Sports - San Francisco)                                                                     

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