Total Runner Series with TJ

Do you love conquering a challenge?

Come out to Fleet Feet Sports SOMA for a full-body, dynamic workout with our team member Eric! Every Tuesday of the month will be something different: hill repeats, cardio boot camps & long runs! 

Adam running

Event Details:

When: Every Tuesday at 6:30pm

Where: Meet at Fleet Feet Sports SOMA @ 780 Mission Street (on the corner of Mission & 4th Street)

What: A monthly cycle where each Tuesday is a different workout.

Helpful Information: This Winter season calls for earlier nights! It will be dark on the course so we have reflective gear to hand out during the run, but definitely feel free to bring your own reflective gear to ensure safety! Also, if you would like to store your belongings at our store, bring a lock so you can secure them in our lockers. 

Monthly Workout Schedule:

1st Tuesday of the month: 5-8 mile distance run

2nd Tuesday of the month: A short warm-up run, a plyometric boot camp and a run back to the store to finish with stretching & foam rolling

3rd Tuesday of the month: Hill/Speed Workout

4th Tuesday of the month: Distance run and/or tempo workout. 5-6 miles with first mile at warm-up pace followed by a 3-4 mile pick-up at a non-conversational pace. Last mile will be at cool-down pace.

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