Sports Bras

  • 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra.  As your weight fluctuates, so does your bra size. 
  • The average life of a sports bra is 6-12 months. Bras that are dried in the dryer last even less time.  If a bra is treated well, it should last 50-60 washes before the elasticity begins to break down.
  • Not all sports bras are created equal. Something that your friend likes may not work well for you.  Each bra caters to a specific body size and type.  Some are meant for you, and some aren't.
  • We carry the best sports bras from Enell, Moving Comfort, Champion and Hind, for all types of fitness activities.
  • Not sure which size is right? Our bra fit process will help you determine which bra is right for you.
We are proud to have one of the best selections of sports bras in the city, and our specially trained staff will do their very best to get you a great fit in a great bra.  Any of our employees can take you through a fitting; drop in anytime or call ahead to set an appointment.

We understand that it is not always convenient for you to try bras on in our store. Maybe it's busy, maybe you have your children with you, maybe you just don't feel like spending the time in the dressing room trying a few things on.  You can speak with one of our employees about which bras and sizes would be the most appropriate for you given your size and activities and you can take up to four bras home with you to try on. Just keep the ones you love, bring back the others and we’ll refund your money.

  • Compression Bras: XS-XL
  • Compression/Encapsulation: 32A-38D
  • Full Encapsulation: 32C-42DD
  • Enell: 00-8 (32DDD-50DD)

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