On-Site Fun Run

Do you want to put on your own company fun run?  Is your boss a big runner, and you want to organize an event where your team can join her on a run?

We can help you organize and execute your corporate fun run between 10 and 250 people.  We'll come to you with a prepared route, organized pre-run check in, maps, turn-by-turn directions, pre-run warm up route, water stop (if desired), pacers and leaders,  and a post run cool down.  Whether you are up for a team building  experience, or you are kicking off a conference or big meeting we can help make it special and healthy!

 For more details and to book your next corporate fun run, please contact Brett@FleetFeetSanFrancisco.com

  We have organized runs for lots of companies in the Bay Area like Rodale Press, Red Hat Technologies, Host Analytics, and more!

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Program Start: ex: Sunday, January 18th, 6:00pm
Program Fee: ex: $100 excluding race fee

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